Zaburitz Pearl Company was constituted on 17th November 2011, with company registration No.2680 (2011-2012) under the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development as a Limited Liability Company.

Main object of Zaburitz Pearl Company is to serve customers and clients satisfactorily with strict quality control (QC) at every state. In doing so to accept the suggestions and advice of clients, other people and organizations.

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  • To aid and assist the state, in whatever way possible, with expertise in construction, of high quality buildings as part of superstructure of state according to the state’s required design at mast reasonable rates.
  • To planning and execute state Housing projects for changing society’s convenience at fair and reasonable prices.
  • To participate actively in rural development with renewable energy, solar power electrification, and electricity generation projects.
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We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.